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The governor’s signature came several months after the state legislature unanimously passed the bill, and even though Cuomo had raised some concerns, he struck a deal with lawmakers to address the remaining issues in the future.

Y., signed legislation requiring the establishment of a statewide energy storage mandate.

William Acker, executive director of NY-BEST, in a press release.

It also creates financial burdens that should be addressed through annual budget negotiations.”Nonetheless, Cuomo continued, “The Executive has secured an agreement with the legislature to pass legislation in the upcoming session to address these concerns.It appears, however, that support for those two bills has fizzled and they are now stalled.All signs point toward yet another state mandate on school boards. Competitive bidding statutes follow the “design-bid-build” project delivery method, so schools would lose the option to utilize “design-build” or other alternative project delivery methods when awarding contracts.As a result, districts that in the past have relied on long-standing relationships with local contractors would lose the option to negotiate directly with those contractors to ensure value and quality.

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The WASB has opposed these bills because they would take away local control and the flexibility to choose the project delivery method and the project contractor that best meet a school district’s needs.

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