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As we already mentioned you can expect to find a really surprising mix of dark-haired and blonde women in Kazakhstan, but it doesn’t end there.You see Kazakh women have bodies to match their faces because they are quite literally obsessed with keeping their bods toned and fit.

If you mix Asian, Russian, German and Mongol into a female form, you are going to be pleasantly surprised.

The country of Kazakhstan is set in the middle of a lot of other ‘stans’.

Surrounding it are Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan is almost touching and then there is Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

There are a number of factors which influence this drive to have the perfect bod, and part of it is due to the strong Western influences which have seeped into the country over the years.

Apart from that Eastern European women tend to take more pride in their physical appearance; it’s really that simple.

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It seems that no matter where you are flying from, it’s going to be a long time in the air.