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Updated side note: I recently went on a few dates with a Brazilian guy (here in the US) – on just our second date, he said to me “Voce quer namorar comigo? His behavior that proceeded therefore came as no surprise – I only heard from him sporadically after that…he sent me the occasional message saying that he felt “saudades” for me (missed me)…but that was it.From my experience, many Brazilians tend to throw around the word “namorar”, not holding much meaning to it.3) Many people get into relationships (start to “namorar”) very quickly Here, people tend to (become boyfriend-girlfriend) after a very short time – there is even a word for this in Portuguese because it happens so frequently!I was talking with a French guy the other night and he was saying how in Brazil, if you aren’t in a relationship, it’s seen as weird.He was saying that is in a relationship here, which I found interesting.

), my ex became super upset and agitated – which I actually found to be quite sweet.And I would much rather be single than settle – I could never be in a relationship with someone that I wasn’t totally crazy about – so it’s strange to me how here, people would generally prefer to be in a relationship and settle than to try to hold out for something better.And personally, there is no greater turn-off to me than a guy who is always And vice versa. He definitely seemed like a player and it was clear that he had ulterior motives so I didn’t take him seriously when he asked me that.This is one instance where the independent American culture clashes with the dependent Brazilian culture.Anytime that I wanted to go out without him, my boyfriend at the time thought it was very odd – “Why don’t you want me to go out with you?

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Since being in Brazil, I have gotten more used to it, since everyone seems to do it, but it just has always seemed so cheesy and high-schoolish to me.

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