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An eligible Surprise Points offer will be applied first, followed by points from your points balance that have the earliest expiration date.

If you decide to return an item after already spending all your earned points, then there are multiple reports of how the refund is handled:"EXCEPT FOR POINTS ISSUED WITH A SHORTER EXPIRATION PERIOD, POINTS EXPIRE AT THE END OF THE CALENDAR QUARTER THAT INCLUDES THE 12 MONTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE DATE THOSE POINTS WERE EARNED.

OOP payment includes everything except reward points (cash, credit card, Pay Pal, gift card, etc.).

Paying for your whole purchase by redeeming points usually results in earning zero points.

Unfortunately, coupons with a fixed amount bonus now require OOP payment for the stated minimum purchase requirement to earn the bonus points.

Percentage based bonus points will be calculated from your out-of-pocket payment portion (not points redemption).

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The cashier can see which Surprise Points-type offers are loaded in your account, but they do not really know if a purchase qualifies for a Surprise Points offer.