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“My name is Sidney and I am a manufacturing engineer at Almax-RP, a Tucson based membrane switch manufacturer.

We make membrane switches for some of the top medical device manufacturers in the country, along with Industrial Controls, Appliances, Test and Measurement, & the Oil and Gas industry.

That night, Sharper took the women clubbing with four of his friends, including one who may have been a current or former Arizona Cardinals player, an arrest report said, without fully identifying the other athlete.

The group went to a club called The Mint and later to another called American Junkie.

The charges in Arizona include allegations he drugged a third woman, who did not accuse him of a sex crime.

The membrane switch purpose is to be the interface between the user and the machine.Donau, his Arizona attorney, said Wednesday he is worried about the media attention to the cases."I am concerned about the huge amount of publicity generated by various agencies in different states.There, one of the women "began acting strange," the report said, "falling asleep sitting at the table and was unable to carry a conversation."That woman's friend took her home, the report says, and Sharper returned to their apartment with them.After that woman was put to bed, Sharper offered the other woman and a roommate who had not been out with them shots around a.m., which caused one of them to black out and not regain consciousness until a.m., the report says.

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A non-tactile switch activates with 4-8 oz of pressure and are less expensive and have the longest switch life.

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