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Venus gets cozy in your relationship and intimacy houses November 7 through December 24, luring you to do the same.Again, casual won’t cut it; if you’re not craving a particular guy or gal’s company, you might be better off ignoring booty calls and hanging with your bff.And whether you’re settled down or hooking up, after Mars charges into your sex zone on December 9, you’ll finish 2017 with a bang!TAURUSApril 20–May 20Mars barrels through your sign from March 9 to April 21, giving you the green light to take charge—in your love life and wherever else you’re eager to call the shots.Whether you have a serious partner, a spouse, or an FWB or are dating around, companionship and sex will hit the spot.

After Jupiter arrives in your romance house on October 10 for a 13-month stay, your faith in love will soar. This is your opportunity to act out a fantasy with your partner or hit on your crush instead of waiting for him or her to decode subtler signals.A love affair might flatline or finally blossom around February 10, courtesy of a lunar eclipse in your romance zone. Look to meet a serious contender after the solar eclipse on August 21.Lucky Jupiter in your relationship angle has you believing in commitment more than ever, and it’s heading into your intimacy sector on October 10—meaning you might get even more serious with your bae in the fall.Fortunately, Pluto goes retrograde for five months of the year, slowing the pace of change and giving you time to process. Identify your relationship dynamic and get in the driver’s seat. Right Now, if you’d rather play the field) will become an enjoyable quest.So between April 20 and September 28, take a mental step back from your closest relationships and try to regain your perspective. While firecracker Mars is in Cancer from June 4 to July 20, you might take a break from dating and do your own thing. Meanwhile, coupled Crabs will start to see their relationship as one big shared adventure!

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Although you’re nearly impossible to resist, when Venus backtracks in Aries from March 4 through April 2, you probably won’t be feeling the love.