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Who is jenni rivera dating

How do you feel about your relationship toward the end of her life, especially considering what you went through together? "What's the point of dating if you won't let me bone? In those bbm's we said I love you and I love you more. After two years of investigating whether or not Jenni Rivera's death was an accident, Mexican officials' efforts have come up inconclusive.I asked myself how do you end her story, its almost like it has no end, Jenni used to say the same thing.Thank God she left everything ready so we just had to put it together and make it pretty., but how hard was it to read about the ugliest moments in her life? As her little sister and confidant we told each other almost everything.When she was pregnant, she threw a joke in there "Could it be the holy spirit?" It could be painful and traumatic, but she tried to make herself laugh and gave herself words of encouragement. If she was bankrupt, she would talk about driving a Phantom, people thought she was crazy but it was her giving herself positive reinforcement.

As a child someone told her dream big because you can achieve anything. How fundamental would you say growing up in the LBC was for you and your sister? It helped her say "I need to do something better, get educated and work hard." She never forgot where we lived. The rancheras are all we heard—Beatriz Andrade, Lupita D'Alessio, she's raw and strong worded.Helping each other in the community, whether it was with groceries or rent, that spirit made her who she was. She was in love with Ricky Meléndez, and Ricky Martin from Menudo.When she met him and performed with him, I asked "So did you kiss him? She also looked up to Oprah and modeled herself as an entrepreneur and community organizer after her. It was key for her to become a singer but to support her family, if she didn't see money she wouldn't have done it.I didn't want her to feel guilty about choosing this man and bringing him into our family.When she passed I had no regrets, we told each other we loved each other every single day. It was a healing process for me to read them so openly it healed me and made me feel closer to her.

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