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Dare I say that a dress code is far from divisive but actually quite democratic?If everyone followed most of the guidelines of whatever dress code, they’d all feel more relaxed as the social pain of committing a fashion faux pas would be minimised.Lauren also enjoys gymnastics and performs pretty well in local competitions often winning her disciplines.Since my collection of images is growing I have placed pictures of them, and other competitors and friends in a couple of hidden galleries on my website you can find one that relates to RUNNING and another that relates to CYCLING & TRIATHLON separate from my primary business of landscape photography. More images and reports on various events will be added time permitting.Samantha Cameron raised eyebrows on Friday when she attended the Queen's 90th birthday service in St Paul's in a sleeveless dress.Etiquette expert William Hanson explains why dress codes are still important Was I surprised? Mrs Cameron has form when it comes to attending royal events in cathedrals and abbeys.The one-sided version of this may be a Villainous Crush.

Man seems a just a little bit insignificant and in the case of lion and leopard a bit further down the food chain.One reminded me that ‘the invisible sky wizard had not sent down a plague of locusts following the incident.Well, there was a fairly persistent fly in my office that day so I’m not so sure…Of course I understand that a woman is allowed to be comfortable in her own skin.o earlier this summer commencing 23 June my wife and I decided that we would once again visit Africa and this time travel overland for 21 days through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe to give our children the opportunity and thrill of seeing some of these endangered animals up close and personal as we did so many years before, wild camping in the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park to mention just two.e did indeed walk with elephants in hushed heart stopping silence beneath the cool splendour of a pink twilit sky and we thrilled to the subsonic bass roar of lion outside our tents whilst barely daring to breathe cursing silently at the noise our furiously beating hearts were making.

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ow that my two children are growing up and getting involved in more and more activities and I find myself having to chaperone them and drive them to various events, it is only natural perhaps that I will end up taking a few snaps along the way.