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Brian aubert nikki monninger dating

Once you start again, all that is gone and you’re in a new world.” Aubert considers it essential to embrace that newness every time around if a band wants to stay as motivated as it did on day one.

“So we always feel like we’re reaching for something that’s just out of our grasp,” he wrote. Because what we want is always new.” As for the discontents of 2016, he wrote, “However you feel right now, just remember, be the best person you can possibly be.

“We were always the band in LA that would open up for the big shit, and then that scene would fade and the next year that band would reform as a whole different band with different haircuts or different hats.

I’m sure the neighbors really hated it because I bet it sounded awful!The “pickup” part -- the band met because we were always there getting stuff for our life. I started to play piano; it was a time when parents were making their kids play piano even though they had no desire to.The other thing is that we thought it sounded a little bit like a gang -- I always liked the idea that when we went to a club, people would go, “Oh, there go the Pickups.” Most people think it was just because we got liquor there, which is definitely true, but we’d go there to get cat food and towels and all that kind of stuff. I was never into it, but I remember getting a classical guitar and just screwing around on it.[Laughs] No, it’s just a reference to the neighborhood where we all live in Los Angeles.At the house Nikki and I lived on near the corner of Silverlake and Sunset, there’s a liquor store there called Silversun that everybody would find themselves meeting at.

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It’s all a result of the band not strictly identifying itself or latching onto a singular scene, as frontman Brian Aubert explained in a recent interview with .“We commit our music to certain directions, but it’s just going to sound how we sound together.

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