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Inuit dating

You have no idea how positive it feels to finally see, to feel, to thrill over the idea of a real atlas of our home and native land.” , northern Alberta artist Alex Janvier’s newest work.

This grand circle of 13 large panels, each representing a month in the traditional Indigenous lunar calendar, forms a kind of ceremonial space that onlookers can enter.

The landscape of Kujataa represents the exceptionally comprehensive preservation of a Northern European medieval culture.

The five component parts contain the full range of remains relating to Norse Greenlandic culture dating from the 10th to the 15th century AD, with complete examples of monumental architecture as well as key sites illustrative of the adaptation of Inuit to a Farming way of life from the 18th century onwards.” (From the official nomination).

The resulting cultural landscape, shaped by grazing both in medieval and modern times, is composed of grassy slopes and willow copses and characterised by a low settlement density with isolated farmsteads surrounded by cultivated fields.Kujataa is the sub-arctic farming landscape located in the south-western part of Greenland and covering app. Its green and lush character prompted the first Norse settlers to name the island Greenland; in Kalaallisut, is called Kalaallisut Nunaat, ”Land of the Kalaallit.It bears witness to thousand of years of hunters and gatherers exploiting the landscape in numerous ways.For a very long time, Indigenous Peoples have not been invited to share their knowledge, to tell their stories, said Ry Moran, director of the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation.“This will be a powerful teaching tool for many, many years — here and internationally.

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We can show the world that now, we are having these conversations here.” “The atlas will tell the story of Canada’s Indigenous Peoples in a way that has never been seen before,” said John Geiger, RCGS CEO.

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