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Ex treme dating hotst

Nordschleife runs are conducted or observed by various other media outlets, such as the British Evo Magazine or Auto Bild from Germany.Manufacturers, especially those of supercars, conduct their own timing runs and publish these for varying purposes.The magazine also runs a challenge for the fastest lap time driven with a car that is road legal (TÜV) and registered in Germany. British motorcycle magazine Performance Bikes began testing their bikes in a regular feature at the Nordschleife in March 2007 and finished in December 2007.Bikes were tested by Dale Lomas and a character named only as The Baron.Two months later, Nissan claimed, which was also widely reported in the media, a ring record for its Nissan GT-R Nismo as "world's fastest volume production car".Engineers later confessed that the car had been "specifically tuned for the Nurburgring" with significant changes from the standard car.

After telling Jeremy Clarkson that she could do his lap time in a van, Schmitz was set the same challenge as Clarkson, but in a Ford Transit.

Clarkson was set a challenge to get a Jaguar S-Type 2.7 Diesel round the 'ring in under 10 minutes, and after getting shown around and getting advice from Sabine Schmitz, and quite a few attempts, he managed a .

Sabine went on to say that she could do this lap time in a van.

The lengths of the two segments, when considered separately, add up to more than the whole, since each circuit effectively shared the Betonschleife.

The German magazine sport auto publishes its "Supertest" of cars, in which the lap time (usually driven by editor-in-chief Horst von Saurma) at the Nordschleife is the most discussed result.

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New entries require an original, uncut on-board video, showing the lap and the timing from start to finish. Time was set on a non-exclusive public track day with other cars present. Modified by Japanese automotive accessory company Blitz, it was claimed to be capable of 750 PS (552 k W; 740 hp) but ran on 606 bhp (452 k W; 614 PS) when time was recorded. "..cant resist asking what its lap time is and Richter, (Gerhard Richter, director of M Gmb H) reveals that it's , but that time was set with a development car rather than the final, optimum, production-ready car."Electric Race About of Finland is road legal and registered prototype battery electric vehicle.

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