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Final fantasy dating sim

However, the main character is pretty hot (like I have to tell anyone). I would have liked some other options like: she gets to hunt down her cheating boy like she does with the creatures in the woods; she has an option to give him a potion to Really make him impotent; get in a three way and forgive him . I agree with most of the commentators that it is not helpfull to reload again and again and there are not so much sexscenes in it and if you play that ones it is a littlebit simple.

Storyline i liked however and grafics are very good is good, but the battles don`t seem to have much point, and two of them don`t seem winnable(Corin, young werewolf).

On the other hand, the theme music is a little more tolerable than usual.

Final Fantasy Sim Date RPG Cheat Codes: ------------ Submitted by: jamie When it says enter cheats put "iamsin" it will give you 250 points for all your stats.

I don`t mind the battles with the creatures in the forest, but I wish there were some benefit to it - no stats change, so if you`re supposed to be dusting off your battle skills, it doesn`t seem to make much difference. It`s like you started mapping out the adventure and then just went with the most linear line you could. I think it`s the ass-fucking that just looks like a couple of spastic monkeys writhing with each other. I LOVE ur work and am happy that so many games are accessible for free but I just find the older ones had more spice and inspiration in them Keep it up and thx for the work u are putting into the games!!!

But so far I have not get anything out of the fights ...I come here to see things to relax or get turn on by Rape infuriates me I hate it I don`t care if its a game the thought of forcefully taking someone is wrong and angers and hurts me inside. I miss the different varieties in sex scenes of other LOP games. The fighting was really not a good part of the game. Eil has a nice body,would liked to have had better sex scenes though.So PLEASE START PUTING UP SOME TYPE OF LABELS rape gender benders of any sort interracial give someone a idea. Cause you can`t forget it that easily or delete it like a computer like I wish I could. I have built webpages putting a label is not a big job Please I am disabled in a wheel chair and come here to have fun and take my mind off bad stuff I don`t want to start a game see something I can`t stand and ruin my day. 5.) TILL THE STARS BURN OUT After Corin licks her pussy tell that you have fiance. The fighting was really not a good part of the game. to be honest i was kind of disappointed with this game it doesnt live up to LOP standards .gratuitous sex in games, and perhaps this is one result of that discussion.Here`s what I think: You can`t have a great game without a good story, but you also can`t have a great sex game without great sex.

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And I couldn`t find a benefit in killing the monsters.