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Also, there is still some confusion around my healthcare.It’s been going on for the last few months, in fact, and is the reason I haven’t posted an update in a while.The other scan was for Rob’s foot, and it confirmed that unfortunately he has a broken heel.He was diagnosed with very severe osteoporosis a couple weeks ago and this means that the bones are extremely fragile and can be broken very easily.If you’d be interested in coming you can find more info on the Teachings page.

Hope you don’t mind that it’s me writing this update.

But I am so touched by and so profoundly grateful to you too.

For I know that these gifts are as well the blessings of all your kindness, generosity, and support, and of all your metta and your prayers, which also sustain and nourish me and (I am sure) work their penetrating, healing magic somehow.

I dropped a few of the drugs I had been taking before but added a few new ones too, so am still on a combination of many medicines (both mainstream and alternative) and many of them are ‘experimental’.

Physically I am feeling quite well at the moment, but because the side-effects of the chemo tend to accumulate over time – and in fact I am already noticing marked effects on my digestion and on energy levels – I thought it wiser not to try to teach the November Solitary month-long retreat at Gaia House this year.

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