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Failfastdating com

When he mentioned how his friends and family had thought that, in spite of the risks, it was very cool that he was starting his own company, Moreno Cabanillas rolled her eyes.

A third member of the panel, Leonardo Mirón, a Mexican entrepreneur who was raised in France, explained Moreno Cabanillas’s discomfort.

In Spain the figure is twenty-three per cent; in France it is twenty-eight.

The portion of people not running their own businesses who reported that they were prevented from doing so by fear of failure runs at forty-nine per cent in Greece, forty-one in France, and twenty-eight in Spain.

couple of weeks ago, at Grand Central Tech, a sleek, loft-like business incubator in midtown Manhattan, Laura Moreno Cabanillas, an entrepreneur who was born and raised in Spain, talked about growing up and wanting to work for herself.

“From when I was a teen-ager, all I wanted to do was to start my own business,” she said.

We like discussing failure so much that Cassie Phillipps, a founder, with Diane Loviglio, of Fail Con, an annual conference devoted to the experience, which began in San Francisco, in 2009, took a break last year because she felt that the subject had become so commonplace as to render the gathering superfluous.

“You can’t fail and talk about it.”In the United States, talking about failure is something of a cottage industry.

Young people have it especially hard—youth-unemployment rates tend to run about double those of the general population.

Such figures should be a concern to people on both sides of the Atlantic, given the dark history of economic unrest and high unemployment in Europe, and the recent rise of far-right parties, such as the Golden Dawn, in Greece, and the National Front, in France.

The European Central Bank has been going to unprecedented lengths to stimulate the economy (including trying out negative interest rates, and, through quantitative easing, minting a fresh sixty billion euros per month), but encouraging entrepreneurship in some manner might also be effective.

After all, people are at the heart of those figures, and emboldening them to take calculated risks could help the situation.

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