Cell phone dating groups dating azdg in israel

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Cell phone dating groups

Day said she can come up with the cash, she’ll consider sending it to Selden.“I honestly believe he is who he says he is,” Day said.She has an entire staff of counselors who volunteer as peer counselors as well.She said the scammers are professionals at getting people to believe they’re in places they’re not.The criminal steal identities, so their background checks come out clean, Sluppick said. To further prove Selden is “real”, Day even called him on the phone while we were there and he answered the call.However, as soon as she asked when he was coming to visit, after he got the money, he said the signal was breaking up and he hung up.

However, the only sign he lives in America is that he has an Arizona cell phone number.“They get victims to send them cell phones and the cell phones will have U. phone numbers on them so they might say they’re in Indianapolis and they might have an Indianapolis phone number,” Sluppick said.She said most romance scams originate in West or South Africa, Malaysia or Canada. tracking IP addresses so they’re doing a lot of masking too,” Sluppick said.Of the the 1,813 people who have reported on her website that they’ve been scammed out of money, the combined loss is more than million. Still, Day maintains that Selden might really be her chance at love.Sluppick said it isn’t uncommon for the victim to be very hard to convince.

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“This week I tried to find him through his high school and the university he went to and I can’t find him,” Nester said.

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