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Full manifold vacuum is present at idle and decreases as the throttle is opened. The reason for this is to increase low speed torque with the increased spark advance. seeing as I have an automatic tranny, I will assume that I should connect it to the manifold vacuum. FYI, in the most recent Chevyhiperformance, in the Q&A section in the back, In the answer, the tech guy wrote the ported source was in most cases, the best one to use.

I always thought this defeats the purpose of setting initial timing at a set degree, because the vacuum advance will always be present, and to varying degrees from different camshafts causing different idle vacuum levels. I thought the exact same thing when I read the title. Use the search function and you will find more info (opinions) than you want.

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I can tell you the factory used a basic rule of thumb to determine which port the hose was connected to.

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