Single parent dating tennessee

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Single parent dating tennessee

Begin by downloading a blank Child Support Worksheet and inputting information.

More information about the Worksheet is on our Resources page.

Part IV – Additional Expenses includes the children’s specific expenses for health insurance coverage, recurring medical expenses not covered by insurance, and work-related childcare to determine the Adjusted Support Obligation (ASO).

Part V – Presumptive Child Support Order lists the final amount owed and also provides an area for determining if an appropriate variance is achieved when a modification is sought.

“Guidelines” (also informally called the “Rules”) mean the Guidelines issued by the State of Tennessee Department of Children’s Services.

Several goals are listed in Tennessee’s Child Support Guidelines including: decreasing the number of impoverished children living in single parent families; making child support awards more equitable by ensuring more consistent treatment of persons in similar circumstances while ensuring that the best interests of the child in the case before the tribunal are taken into consideration; encouraging parents paying support to maintain contact with their child; ensuring that, when parents live separately, the economic impact on the child is minimized, and, to the extent that either parent enjoys a higher standard of living, the child shares in that higher standard; and allocating a parent’s financial child support responsibility from the parent’s income among all of the parent’s children for whom the parent is legally responsible.

Begin completing the Worksheet by inserting the required information.

In overview: Part I – Identification lists the parents, children, and number of parenting days with each child.

Part VI – Deviation and Final Child Support Obligation (FCSO) allows for a deviation agreed to by the parties or ordered by the court, as it provides the resulting child support ordered amount.

(Deviation is discussed in greater detail below.) Other supporting schedules may be generated and attached as provided and required.

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