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Anonymity - If you are concerned about the stigma attached to mental health problems or you are worried that someone may find you are having treatment, online and telephone counselling services offer the client a higher level of privacy, as well as giving the option to remain anonymous.Convenience - These services mean that you are able to receive support from the comfort of your own home, or wherever it is that you are.

If you have decided that online chat counselling is an avenue you would like to explore, get in touch with your chosen counsellor to arrange a mutually convenient time for you to ‘meet’ online.

It can also offer suitable solutions to some of the difficulties associated with receiving treatment in a traditional therapeutic setting, such as: Accessibility - Counselling slots can become full.

This is especially true for appointments that are in high demand, such as those in the evening and late at night.

Because emails can be written at any time and the client is in control of the timing on their side of the contract - they have the freedom to document what is on their mind as it occurs, rather than waiting several days for a face to face counselling session.

Just knowing that there is someone there to receive, acknowledge and respond to your problems without judgement can provide an enormous sense of comfort and support to anyone attempting to overcome a difficult period in their life.

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Simply put, online counselling is any form of counselling that is conducted over the Internet.