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Whereheartsmeet com dating site

Short personal story: I was contemplating suicide last night when you came live.

I stayed through the session wanting to heal the pain that was causing to relapse into that unhealthy cycle.

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Other than the absence of pain, I can’t say I initially felt any different.

I woke up a bit more positive an decided to write a letter of farewell to this “inner demon” named suicide. I felt the love coming off of them it vibrated my entire being/I saw layers upon layers of blockages being released one by one.

Thank you because my heart needed that healing last night. Blessings and much love to you.”“Miguel thank you so much. Well i have up till now thought i had experienced higher levels. People old relationships issues that i had not dealt with came up and was released.

My gratitude to you Miguel and all the other Light Workers helping us break through the 3D matrix much love and light to all” “Thank you Miguel: I had a DNA Activation given by Miguel and it was a eye opening experience! He wants you to check in with him, to assist you with any questions you may have.

Never felt such a strong, loving energy run thru my body before! I highly recommend a session with Miguel, it will bring you to another level! Prices are so reasonable, shows Miguel isn’t out for the almighty dollar, he’s here to help mankind! Blessings” “Dear Miguel, I just wanted to say thank you again for my 12D chakra activation. This is some serious vibrations you are sending me. When I woke up this morning I felt different and I can’t really put into words how good I feel right now since I’m still buzzing all over lol.

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One by one i felt and saw each issue each feeling connected to it and one by one the blockages went away. Then i felt the ascension into the higher realms happen. I could see , i was part of the universe we was all there all one all it. LOVE it is such a simple answer they said that many will not get this but those that did will go back and spread this news , this love.

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