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It’s great if you could leave a comment, share your opinion about the new chapters, new novel with others on the internet. Seiji was currently being hugged by the beautiful nurse in charge of the infirmary.

We’ll do our best to bring you the finest, latest novel everyday. She was requesting for him to "console" her, and that he "didn’t need to take responsibility."Seiji felt that his head was on the verge of exploding!

not an idiotic boy with strange underlying intentions, but a gentlemanly, excellent boy who truly cares about me."She looked searchingly at Seiji’s face while saying this. The blonde-haired nurse’s expression seemed to grow increasingly melancholy during this silence. The first thing she did was to examine her surroundings"Sensei, you’re awake."She heard a boy’s voice before she saw his handsome face. head is a little dizzy.""Rest on the bed for a little longer then.""Okay..."Mayuzumi closed her eyes but opened them up quickly again."Where... ""We're in the school building—Genhana High School’s infirmary office, to be exact," Seiji explained. The infirmary nurse says that there are no major problems, so we didn’t go to the hospital and allowed you to rest here.""Oh..." Mayuzumi remembered back to what happened. Hirai-san wasn’t a bad person, and that incident in the past... But, despite this, her body remained in a tense, nerve-wracked state. "Go ahead: have a good rest and relax, Sensei." "Okay..." Mayuzumi closed her eyes once more.

"Mayuzumi was temporarily lost for words."I heard that there will be some special activities tomorrow that will make this place even livelier! She didn’t even dare get off at the correct bus stop, felt uncomfortable with crowds of any kind, and fainted upon meeting a college classmate. I’d like to stay at home, and you can just go have fun at the school festival together with the girl you really want to be with." She averted her gaze and forced herself to say that.

Seiji’s lips twitched.'Forget it—it was my own mistake to think of so many forbidden topics earlier.'If he thought about it more carefully, her joke wasn’t such a big deal. But now, he was less motivated than earlier to keep up the conversation with Kaede."Although I was joking, I was being truthful about the ‘lonely’ part," Kaede said, breaking the brief silence.

"Whenever I’m bored, I hope that someone will come see me and chat with me... Kaede retracted her gaze and slowly sipped her tea. Both of them downed several cups of tea without saying a single word. And so, the two of them passed the time by chatting in an ordinary fashion. She was confused and dazed when she opened her eyes.

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