Unmonitored live chat

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Unmonitored live chat

Yet despite your prominent role in the home, you may not have any control over household spending.

About one third of married women in the developing world have no control over major household purchases, making them passive observers of their own wellbeing.

Women in sub-Saharan Africa, on average, earn 35% less than men for equal work.

Women are also much less likely (26% less) to be employed than men, and for those who do find work, 75% of it is in the informal economy, leaving women unprotected in cases of theft, sexual harassment and discrimination.

Opportunity International agrees, and I agree personally, too.

Clearly, there are the immediate issues of parity, equal treatment and human rights.

Imagine you are a girl born in the developing world.It is no surprise to us that the Sustainable Development Goals include not only gender-specific actions and statistics, but also an entire goal dedicated to gender parity.The fifth Sustainable Development Goal is bold, broad and important.It challenges the world to: “Achieve Gender Equality and Empower All Women and Girls.” It’s a goal that I, as a woman, believe in wholeheartedly.And it’s one that seems to be particularly relevant as women and men are rallying for more equal rights, from wage disparities to family leave policies.

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