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Alexis thorpe dating

Keep in mind, he was born in 1937, so even though some of his partners don’t seem shockingly young, many of his relationships still fall into the cradle-robbing category.

For example, Anjelica Huston was 22 when they got together in 1973 (he was 36).

During my research for this article I found online communities and support groups for lots of every day people involved in this type of relationship.

They describe the nature of their relationships as ‘age-gap’ rather than cradle robbing (sounds nicer). Read the guidelines and you can do the math yourself to see if you fit the guidelines.

That’s a pretty old cradle, that’s why he’s not higher on the list.

Joan Collins is currently married to a man that is 32 years younger than her (he is 43, she is 75).

She was a waitress when they met, which is weird because he met his ex-wife Patricia Arquette in a deli… If you’re like me, you’re in your thirties and you’ve had a crush on Nicolas Cage since ‘Valley Girl’.

Well, Cage and Kim have been married for over four years now but don’t lose hope – he has an 18 year old son – maybe it’s time to redirect that crush and do some cradle robbing of your own!

They share the same birthday (Sept 25) so they are exactly 25 years apart.But for this function to work, X must be greater than or equal to 18, as dictated by Urban Dictionary at term=cradle robber Example: Demi More was 42 when she married Ashton Kutcher (27) in 2005.I know I often realize with a shock that I am over 30… While the rich and famous get the most publicity, they are not the only ones cradle robbing.It might seem like it but that’s only because their relationships are more newsworthy than the average person.

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His most famous wife, Christie Brinkley, was only 5 years younger than him.