Twitterfeed not updating facebook

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Twitterfeed not updating facebook

If you no longer want your tweets to post to Facebook, you can disconnect the sites completely or temporarily stop tweets from posting to your personal profile or business page.

Although both options prevent future tweets from posting to Facebook, neither removes updates already posted on your profile or page. Scroll down to the Facebook section of the settings.

The new browser window closes and the "Your account is connected to Facebook" message appears in the Facebook section of the Twitter settings page.

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If you use both Twitter and Facebook to present your products and services to millions of potential new clients, you can link the two accounts.

By linking Twitter to Facebook, you feed your Twitter tweets into your Facebook Timeline automatically.

Twitter and Facebook look at the initial post data, such as your title and featured image.

If you make changes to those elements, Medium sends out the new information.

Twitter's Facebook connection option makes it easy for your business to keep customers and colleagues on Facebook informed about company news.

Even when the tweets are pushed to your client by Twitter, they often require a touch or mouse click to become visible.

Twitter does include APIs, though, that developers can use to push messages and create a real-time, live stream of auto-refreshed tweets.

I've written before about how to get breaking news on Twitter, but the approach I discussed there requires the user's intervention.

Many Twitter clients, in fact, force you to interact with the on-screen client in order to get the tweets you want delivered.

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