Consolidating school districts new jersey

Posted by / 31-Oct-2017 14:14

Consolidating school districts new jersey

With larger districts, you’re sharing those resources more equally.” NJ property taxes up 0M in 2016 — See how your bill compares Statewide, commercial and industrial properties account for almost 18 percent of assessed value.But only 35 percent of towns are above that average – with just as many towns below 10 percent for nonresidential property value, pushing their tax burden disproportionately onto homes.

“There’s a limited number of malls and office parks to go around.

A study commissioned by the district prepared by Mc Kissick Associates looked at options for using, modifying and expanding school facilities in the district, in light of long-term trends indicating a decline in the number of school-aged children in the three municipalities.

In a February 2016, a presentation prepared for the Board of Education outlined various scenarios, which could involve options ranging from retaining all existing facilities to consolidating all schools at a single site.

Without new homes added to the supply, the cost for existing homes is driven up.

Statewide, the average sales price for a home this year is 4,426, as of last week, according to the state Treasury Department.

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