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Trophies for each 1st, 2nd, 3rd place Ski teams and Snowboard teams will be awarded along with many lottery prizes.

“Let’s keep the tradition going.” Register your team online at For additional information contact Joe Jove 518-263-4023.

The PSNI record on recruiting Catholics has stalled and gone into reverse. The reasons and excuses provided are well known but the results never change.

The major aspect which has crystallised dissatisfaction in recent months is failure to deal with the past in ways which obstruct dealing with the past.

However by November the court found that the PSNI had ignored the court’s instruction; had done precisely nothing.

This to be done independently, expeditiously and with ring-fenced funding. Justice Treacy issued such an order is that on July 28 he quashed the PSNI decision to abandon the HET inquiry into the notorious Glenanne-based police/UDR murder gang and ordered an independent investigation.

There’s a distinctly unpleasant whiff beginning to rise from the PSNI.

Yes, there are various surveys and polls indicating levels of satisfaction that the unlamented, discredited RUC could never have attained but there is growing dissatisfaction with critical aspects of policing and no sign they will be addressed.

FDNY VS NYPD HOCKEY GAME The 45th Annual FDNY vs NYPD Hockey Game will be played at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, March 24, 2018 at noon. Space is limited to the first 96 teams, no exceptions.

Tickets are available from team members or can be purchased in quantities of eight or more by sending an email to Capt. FDNY HOCKEY TEAM 2018 KING OF THE ICE HOCKEY TOURNAMENT The 2018 King of the Ice Tournament will be held at the Freeport Rec Center Rink in Freeport, NY from February 26 through March 21. Days and times of tournament are listed on the website.

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