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‘In short, if you are a man and not so tall, don’t despair.Play to your strengths and remember that in the attraction game nothing is as simplistic as that!‘However, attraction can be more than just physical attraction and certainly more than height.It might be the case that men who are less tall might develop characteristics to counterbalance their limitations in the selection process, such as being more protective, so that they can be chosen by women.’ I guess it all boils down to the fact that apps allow us to be even more obsessed with appearances than before.There’s even a dating app called Type, which lets you filter for physical preferences.

After all, most men who put their height on their profile follow it up with, ‘For what it’s worth’ or ‘Apparently that matters’. ‘In my opinion, it’s the equivalent of asking a female their weight.‘This is where Tinder and the like are probably the downfall of real adult relationships,’ says 28-year-old Raff.‘We’ve reached a point where we make all our interactions based on looking at photos and limited text based conversation, whereas if you were in a bar and you saw a guy who was shorter, there is still the possibility of it lighting a fire in you somewhere.But I didn’t fancy them for their height – I was attracted to them because they were fun, made me laugh, had cute smiles, and made me hash browns when I was hungover.I fell for them over stupid things, like the guy who had a ketchup bottle in the shape of a tomato sent to my work when I said how I’d always wanted one, the first guy I dated who made me mix CD upon mix CD because we bonded over our love of music, and the guy who told me his deepest, darkest secret when I was embarrassed because I was struggling to hide my depression from him.

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