Updating platform sun4u boot archive

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Updating platform sun4u boot archive

Whereas with Oracle Solaris 11 OS, the network is always attached in exclusive IP mode.This is because a virtual NIC or VNIC is created when the zone boots and deleted when the zone is halted.IPMP Groups IPMP groups provide network failover for your global and non-global zones.You can configure one or more physical interfaces into an IPMP group in the global zone and extend that functionality to the non-global zones.A global zone always exists, even when no other zones are configured.Non-global zones, or simply zones, are configured inside the global zone.

One or more applications can run in this box without interacting with the rest of the system.

See IP Multipathing Groups and Creating IPMP Groups for more information about IPMP groups.

Note: You can create IPMP groups when you attach network in exclusive IP mode on Oracle Solaris 10 and 11 operating systems or you can create an IPMP group without using the attach network option.

You must prepare your global zone with the network and storage resources that the non-global zones will use, including associating the required storage libraries with the global zone and attaching networks to the global zone.

You can also aggregate the interfaces or create IPMP groups in the global zone before you connect them to the zones.

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Because zones isolate software applications or services, applications that are running in the same instance of the Oracle Solaris OS can are managed independently of each other.

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