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Here, as compensation for emotional distress, Kelli Peters wanted millions from him.Some of Marcereau’s lawyer buddies had told him the case was a long-shot.He would paint a picture of his almost total ruin and beg them not to make it complete.To Rob Marcereau, the attorney representing the plaintiff and her family, Kent Easter brought back memories of the William Macy character in “Fargo” — a man flailing to extricate himself from the web of his own doomed criminal scheme, losing more with each entangling lie.Public records state that he also pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana.According to Frame's Linked In account, Frame spent a decade as a reporter for various news agencies and then worked for Macomb County government as spokesman before being laid off in 2009.When his turn came, Easter told jurors that Peters’ tale of suffering was full of “exaggerations and embellishments.” He said he took responsibility for what happened to her, though he did so only in the vaguest terms.And he added: “The fact that something very bad was done to a person does not give them a winning Powerball number.” Marcereau put Easter on the stand.

Rabaut also contends that if his client is allowed to have these treatments before he goes to prison, then that would require less medicare care for him in federal prison system.“I probably could have treated you a little better, couldn’t I have? “Yes.” “Despite all of that you have still been kind to me and haven’t sought revenge, right? I don’t know if you remember those days.” “Yes.” She was living with her parents in Newport Beach. No more questions.” It was time for Kent Easter to call his most important witness, and so he uttered one of the most melancholy sentences jurors would hear: “At this time I would just be calling myself.” He took the stand, wearing one of the unassuming sweaters that had seemed his sole wardrobe through the trial.Her father was an astrophysicist and inventor, but she did not mention this. She had worked three jobs to put herself through school. 16, 2011, you planted illegal drugs in Kelli Peters’ car, true? He turned to the jury box and explained that he was, at 41, a broken man.Peters had suffered no physical injury and had kept her role as a school volunteer.But the more Easter tried to duck what he had done, Marcereau thought, the more the jurors would hate him.

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He then worked as a spokesman for Moroun and the bridge company.

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