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In June 2013, Kelley was accused of sexual assault, but details of the case are being withheld because it is still open and under investigation — although Reynolds acknowledged there appeared to be little follow-up by investigators after October 2013.

In February 2014, officers were again called to the home to investigate a disturbance.

The Air Force is investigating the lack of reporting of Kelley’s conviction to a national crime database, and an Air Force spokeswoman did not immediately provide additional information about the threats and 2012 escape. Greg Abbott (R), have questioned how it was possible for Kelley to have passed background checks for jobs and gun purchases, checks that should have made it difficult for him to obtain the weapons he used in Sunday’s slaughter.The FBI said Tuesday that while they have obtained the phone and brought it to their facility in Quantico, Va., they have been unable to access its data.Federal authorities have been critical of the encryption they say has kept them off of devices crucial to investigations, an issue that notably flared into a lengthy dispute between the FBI and Apple over an i Phone used by one of the San Bernardino, Calif., attackers; the bureau later said an outside group helped them unlock that device. Combs, special agent in charge of the FBI’s San Antonio division, said the FBI had never investigated Kelley before Sunday’s attack.Investigators have not publicly identified a motive for the shooting, but they pointed to Kelley’s rage at his own relatives, particularly his mother-in-law, who attended the church but was not there during the massacre. “He was upset with the mother-in-law.” Kelley’s mother-in-law told a local schoolteacher, Tambria Read, 59, that even with the familial strife, she was shocked by what Kelley had done.Kelley had visited the church with his family five days ahead of the attack, attending a fall festival, an event conceived as an alternative to Halloween.

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