Is interracial dating biblically wrong dating a non salsa dancer

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Is interracial dating biblically wrong

According to Numbers 12:9-10, God struck Miriam with leprosy as a result of her choice to speak out against Moses and Zipporah.

(Most likely, Aaron would have been struck with leprosy, too, if not for the Jewish law that a priest could not be a leper.) Moses prayed fervently for God to heal Miriam.

Most biblical scholars agree that the region called Cush was located in what is now Ethiopia, meaning that Zipporah was most likely black.

Notice that God never told Moses not to marry Zipporah.

Moses and Zipporah Moses' sister, Miriam, and his brother, Aaron, spoke out against Moses in part because they disapproved of the Cushite woman, Zipporah, whom he had married (Numbers 12:1).

Zipporah was the daughter of Jethro, the priest of the land of Midian.

An angel visited Samson's mother before his birth and told her that Samson was not to drink wine, eat unclean food, or have his hair cut as he grew up.He wanted His people to keep themselves spiritually pure by not marrying people who worshipped idols or who engaged in other pagan practices.God does not prohibit marriage (intercultural or otherwise) except when it involves a Christian marrying a person who is not a Christian (2 Corinthians )." But Samson said to his father, "Get her for me, for she looks good to me" (Judges 14:2-3). Samson knew nothing about this woman except the fact that she was beautiful and she came from the tribe of the Philistines, the Jews' arch-enemies, who worshipped idols. Her father gave her to Samson's friend as a wife (Judges ). He retaliated against the Philistines by burning their crops.As a result of the destruction that Samson's wife had brought to them by marrying Samson, the Philistines put Samson's wife, her father, and the rest of her family to death.

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It seems very clear that faith in Jesus Christ tears down racial barriers. After the incident that occurred at the Tower of Babel, people were scattered over the face of the earth (Genesis 11:1-9).

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