Hacked photos from adult dating sites

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Hacked photos from adult dating sites

No matter how safe your phone is, you can still have your data stolen.

Each month, about 25% of all smartphones and tablets encounter a threat.

Hackers can crack cell phone encryption and take over your phone.

They only need a few minutes to steal your credit card data, personals photos, and selfies.

Bluejacking, phishing, and malware apps are among the most common attacks.

As long as you’re using the Internet on your phone, you’re at risk.

Sienna Miller, Emma Watson, and Rihanna are just a few examples. Just because you have the latest i Phone doesn’t mean you’re safe.

A hacker doesn’t need technical skills to steal your data.

The more apps you’re using, the higher the chances of a data breach.In 2014, over 100 celebrities had their accounts compromised.Cloud storage makes it easier to upload and store images.To protect your device, enable Apple’s two-factor authentication.Set up a unique password for i Cloud and another for your smartphone.

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Hackers can gain control over your phone through malicious apps.

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