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Sex random chat married

The ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos of mine that the Married Guy was wearing were not doing a very good job at restraining his cock."Have you made many anal experiences?

" I asked."I have twice with girls but the wife isn't into it so I'd say I'm inexperienced at anal."As I took a couple of steps towards the Married Guy I nearly whispered.... " And without giving him a chance to reply I put my right hand on his lycra clad cock and started kissing him.

He did say that his wife gives a good blowjob, but that my enthusiasm definitely won the day.

Some guys get freaked out after they cum and want to flee the scene of the crime but the Married Guy seemed relaxed and stoked with what had just gone down.

I told the Married Guy to have a quick shower while I poured another drink.

I had thought about this before he arrived and I gave him my favourite ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos.

Married Guy explained that he and a college roommate had fooled around in speedos but it had been mostly jerking off while in the same room.

They did suck cock but it was a pretty poor attempt from how he described it.

He was sitting on my couch and I finally took his cock out of my mouth and tucked it back into his Aussie Bum speedos.

We were both a bit of a mess, the Married Guy had my cum all through his chest hair and my white Aussie Bum speedos had cum residue all over the front of them.

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He was kissing my neck, his hands were on my hips and he was super hard.

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