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Liquidating united states savings bonds

This book, then, is written for the American citizen who knows, of the Philippine Islands, that they lie somewhere in the Pacific Ocean; that Admiral Dewey took them for us in the Spanish War; that some people think them an object of interest to a hungry Japan; and—at a stretch—that they produce cheap cigars and "Manila rope." Such a foundation will bear, perhaps, the support of another fact or two to carry to-day's picture.For example: There are in the lot 3,141 islands and islets, of which only about two-thirds are inhabited.BULACAN PROVINCE THE HOMES OF THE MILLIONS AN ILOCANO BENGUET MOUNTAINS IGOROT ON THE TRAIL "TELL AMERICA" A BONTOC GIRL TUG OF WAR.BONTOCS BONTOCS DANCING THAT MOTHER OF AN IGOROT BUKNUN ALVAREZ TO-DAY IN THE SULU SEA DATU RAJAH MUDA MANDI WITH KAMLIYA, HIS WIFE BUT, YES, WE' LL HAVE NO BANANAS!And to each with whom I deliberately talked, I made this careful preliminary statement: "Your emissaries in Washington are asking for the independence of these Islands.

The majority are beautiful in one way or another, with volcanic peaks or forest stretches, lakes, open plains, or mountain ranges.

And we know so little about your Islands that our actual knowledge is almost nothing at all. "I want to report you and your country to my own people.

The best thing would be for us all to come and see. Whatever you say and whatever my eyes see, I will do my best faithfully to convey to them without any colour or favour.

I used no Government conveyances, and received no Governmental favours, excepting in the granting of access to statistics and records, and in credentials to Filipino Governors of distant Provinces—the proper right, on demand, of any reputable American citizen. That means, alas, that although those who until now have had no spokesman, neither any way of reaching the public ear, will be pleased with the result, others will be outraged and hurt.

And although these last are far fewer than the first, I have so warm a feeling for them almost all that I heartily regret the necessity of wounding a single one.

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But, delightful and useful as under other circumstances the plan would have been, I could accept no medium through which to get my facts, whose whole value must rest on their first-hand quality.