Cocky and funny dating

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Cocky and funny dating

You’ll learn a tremendous amount about attraction and the theory of pickup by watching or listening to his lectures (in my experience, I prefer the video as I find it’s a better learning method).

David Dangelo’s lectures are not heavy on “routines” or “pickup lines,” and he doesn’t teach bootcamps.

It’s over 17 hours of lectures covering everything from kino escalation, Cocky and Funny, inner game, the psychology of pickup, and more.

If you’re reading this right now, you may be one of those guys who is struggling to make cocky/funny work for you.All of his seminars follow a similar pattern: De Angelo will introduce his topic, ask his students to commit to working on this area of their lives, and then give several hours of lectures himself.He’ll then bring in a series of guest lecturers, who’ll each speak for an hour or so, before he summarizes things himself.About 6 years ago, a gentleman started writing countless articles and newsletters promoting the concept of cocky/funny. It was a novel concept that seemed interesting and seemed to get a reaction out of people.It also seemed to piss off quite a few women at the same time.

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