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Idols are a dime a dozen, but a mentor can sometimes be hard to come by.Even though 2018 is fast approaching, there is still time to look back at some beloved television characters that one may aspire to be like in the new year.Stahl-David insisted it was the latter, even insisting that Narcos could take place at any time or place, as long as narcotic trafficking was prominent.“The cool thing about season 3 is that ‘Narcos’ doesn’t mean Pablo Escobar. As long as there’s any narco traffickers in any part of the world in any place of history.There’s something about hearing Zoe, feeling her with me, that she not only manifested, but brought out people from my life and my imagination in one because her face wasn’t there and allowed me to adjust and perform, said Stahl-David.And then there’s Donna, played by Nikki Reed (), who comes into play as Dylan’s simple, naïve “default” woman (one he does physically interact with). Despite the distance, these two polar opposites realize they share an inexplicable connection and a metaphysical romance begins in typical Whedonesque fashion.

And that really was similar to the energy of when we were raiding the different hideouts and trying to find the trap wall, and the fake wall.” All three seasons of Narcos are now available on Netflix, while it has already been confirmed that at least a fourth will follow.“I think Donna’s much needed comic-relief; Donna represents a big part of Dylan’s life that needs to be explained and understood –she is sweet, kind, beautiful but she doesn’t get him even though she accepts him,” Reed said.Personally, I can’t wait to check the film out as Kazan refers to it as “Joss Whedon meets Nicholas Sparks.” What can I say, I’m a sucker for (smart) unique love stories.Stahl-David quickly noticed and took note of the “forward energy” Feistl showcased in order to hewlp his portrayal of the DEA agent in Narcos season 3.“The Escape Room was a funny idea that worked out well.

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