Nexus dating limited

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Nexus dating limited

I was somewhat disappointed with the volume levels for music playback, notifications, as well as speakerphone calls.

The device just seems to be quieter than most other phones I've tested recently (particularly Motorola's last few Droids).

The camera on the rear of the device is a 5-megapixel shooter with a companion single LED flash, while up front there's a 1.3-megapixel camera.

For external audio, there's a small speaker on the rear of the phone.

I would love to see an Android phone maker really start to take some risks and get daring with design and materials, but I can't honestly complain about too much I see in the Galaxy Nexus.

Samsung and Google left little out of the guts of the Galaxy Nexus.

This problem seemed less obvious when the brightness was a bit higher, however.

Speaking of brightness, Ice Cream Sandwich seems to have an overly aggressive auto-brightness setting, and the screen was often too dark for my preference when I had the function turned on.

Want to know just exactly what the Galaxy Nexus is really like to use (and whether or not you should shell out the cash for it)? Note: our testing was done on a pre-production model, so there are some minor hardware build issues unrelated to performance.This seems more like a software issue than anything else, but it also seems like an attempt to over-manage battery consumption.Small issues with the display aside, the Galaxy Nexus is a fully equipped and capable modern smartphone.To say I've been eagerly awaiting a chance to review the Galaxy Nexus would be an understatement. The phone — which was built by Samsung in conjunction with Google — is the same thickness as the i Phone 4S, but sports a massive, 4.65-inch, 720p display, and a speedy dual-core CPU.As I mentioned last week, I've been thinking pretty seriously that this device would be the next phone I lay out cold cash for. In the US, it will come equipped with LTE on Verizon's network, and will also be available internationally as a pentaband HSPA device (I tested the HSPA device).

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