Ten differences between dating a girl and a woman

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Research on age difference in couples suggests that while the desired gap for men and women is around 13-14 years on average (10-15 years), as specified in their partner preferences on online dating sites, in reality long-term pairs only have 3-4 years disparity.The research data may be surprising, but it makes sense.Because they are socialized in different ways, men and women tend to have different passionate quests—the passionate quest being that which constitutes the central psychological theme of a person's life.This passionate quest supplies the context for one's pursuit of self-realization, adventure, excitement, and, ultimately, transformation and even transcendence.One of my most memorable experiences was dating a guy 20 years older when I was 21. Still, real-life couples rarely have a generation-long discrepancy between them.

Women and men describe being in love in similar terms.Second, the psychological development of each sex preordains different central problems and different strategies for resolving them.And finally, the ongoing cultural context locks in the pre-existing tendencies toward difference.One might say that men tend to favor power over love and that women tend to achieve power through love.Socialization seems to be one of the factors that create the different dreams through which each sex shapes its narrative life.

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Most women feel the pull to duplicate the maternal identity by falling in love, pair-bonding, and literally becoming mothers.