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Chat with foren girls

Her five exposed toes are hanging out of her cast as she walks across town dragging her bad foot.There are few things that will get her out of her apartment in her cast these days but one thing always will - satisfying her craving for ice cream!A solid application clip with lost fo nice closeup naked foot and casted foot shots. Cut to a month later and we find her in her bedroom.Her plaster LAC is very worn and covered in signatures.From LLC's to SLC's, cast-shoes to crutches, CCC is better than EVER. So she decides to take a smoking break and opens the window to air the office out.Looking outside though she is reminded that she will be crutching around on one good heel with her icy toes hanging out of her cast in not too long a time, (and the camera shows them off).

There are a lot of great foot shots of Kelly's sexy toes on this one as she works and smokes -- and from all angles!The Nurse notices the plaster residue from the new cast.Embarrassed Darcia can do nothing as the nurse begins cleaning the plaster off her privates with a wet cloth. She checks the plaster by knocking on different parts to see that it is set and then starts pinching each of Darcia's toes to see if she can feel something - she also makes her wiggle her toes to check circulation.It gets tiring particularly crutching on uneven cobblestone, and she has to finally rest on a nearbye bench with a statue on it.She uses the statue and her crutches to prop her leg up so she can pull off the cast sock (4 minuntes into movie) and wiggle her toes and massage in between each one.

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Then she cutsteh leg out of anotehr pair of new jeans to acommodate her full plaster leg cast and puts them on.