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We sat down to get to know them, their fanbase, their latest album – and what the past two years as one of K-Pop’s most successful young groups has taught them.‘Russian Roulette’ feels like the most mature ‘red’ Red Velvet lead track so far. Wendy: Maybe because I was used to previous songs like ‘Ice Cream Cake’ or ‘Dumb Dumb’, (but) when I heard the medium tempo I thought, ‘Shouldn’t it be a little faster?’ But although we listened to the song more than a hundred times a day when we practiced, I never got tired of it and started to like it more each time.

I’m biased to filter F2, but I know so many others who use the app and live by other filters.The fact that I slap a filter on in one app and do the rest of the editing in Instagram makes the process so easy (I try to make the process as seamless as possible).S n a p s e e d If I need to whiten the background of a lay flat or just want to make something whiter, I use Snapseed before it goes to editing in Instagram.While I don’t think it adds anything special to your individual photos, the white borders do add more white space for you feed making it look super bright and clean.Kim Kardashian does it as does Jacey from Damsel in Dior. I know my ways are not the only ways, so if you swear by an app, I’d love to hear any of your recommendations.

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Joy impulsively mentioned that they’d no longer be separate themes on the music show , a rare moment of casualness in the usually very calculated world of K-Pop.