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Edmisten was “notably pale” and his “skin also appeared yellow,” the suit says.

The inmate told the medical staff his abdomen was in pain and he had vomited blood. There, he vomited blood again and registered a rocketing pulse rate of 144 beats per minute.

He was due to be released, the New Mexican reported, but “for a reason not listed in the file, a bondsman who had posted bail for him had pulled the bond back.” On the night after his almost-release, Edmisten’s fellow inmates in his jail pod reported he was ill at p.m.

A medical professional from the center was called to the unit.

Edmisten had earlier minor brushes with the law, resulting in open warrants for DWI and leaving the scene of an accident in which no one was injured.

But Edmisten wasn’t actually gone yet, the lawsuit argues, which says during a seven-hour stretch in July 2016, Cibola County jail employees failed to take reasonable action to save Edmisten as his body succumbed to a burst blood vessel in his stomach.

“This is not some guy who was on death’s door from his medical condition.

This is a guy who had a medical emergency, and they didn’t help him.

At a.m., inmates told the center staff that Edmisten had stopped breathing. An autopsy would later determine Edmisten died of gastric bleeding that may have been exacerbated cirrhosis of the liver.

“I think that it was a financial decision,” attorney Glenn Smith Valdez told KOB4 yesterday.

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