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Some children have a normal anxiety that comeswith going away to camp.What a parent says prior to camp can either increaseor decrease this anxiety.During check in we will verify the information you provided on the health history form, and check in any medications they need to take, and the times they need to be administered.

All our camper cabins and our Dining Hall and Health Lodge are air conditioned to provide rest areas from the heat. If we experience rain there are certainly some modifications that we may need to make in order to keep everyone safe.For Adventure Mini Camp Wednesday - Saturday check in is from -PM and check out is during the regular weekly check out time.Due to safety reasons we are very conscientious of anyone on our campgrounds.If your child has a disability, behavior disorder, or special needs, please contact us to discuss if Camp Kitaki is the right fit.Allergies can be many and many things at Kitaki are known allergens (Dust, Horses, Leaves, Grass, Etc.).

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