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If there's one thing Geoffrey Kean cannot resist, it's a nice ass.

And the tall, dark-skinned, bald-headed brother originally from Ajax, Ontario, didn't discriminate based on race or gender.

Something about the tall, curvy Indian gal mystified him, and Geoffrey Kean liked to get to the bottom of said mystery, pun woefully intended.

Geoffrey Kean had the day off from the good folks of Ellis Don, one of Canada's largest construction companies.

"I'm happy to live in Canada, a place where people like us, bisexuals, gays, lesbians and transgender people, can live without persecution and love who we love," Farzana Khan continued, and Geoffrey Kean stroked his goateed chin thoughtfully.

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Geoffrey Kean watched, amazed, as the tall, curvy young Indian woman whom he called Miss India in his mind walked to the front of the room and took the mike from the rainbow dude, after giving him a friendly hug.

"Thank you, Robbie, it's good to be here, it's not easy being transgender and from a South Asian background, but I'm glad to be here, seeing you, my fellow LGBT, definitely gives me strength," Farzana Khan said, speaking softly.

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