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In the room, Nitesh and Sweta had started watching the DVDs which we left in the hall. We reached the place and slowly opened the door with another key and went to our room. And she came out with only towel on her and was looking ice hot.I told “Let’s peek in what Nitesh and Sweta are doing” We slowly went towards their room. We saw both were naked and lying on the bed and watching the DVDS.

I thought of wife swapping earlier, but didn’t have courage to tell you.” “I love you.” I replied “I love you too.” and gave her deep smooch.

I am Rahul age 28 good looking, athletic body living in South Mumbai, married to Neetu age 25.

Ours is a love marriage, we had dated for almost 6 years before getting married.

What turned me on even more was that Neetu would press my cock, as I drove and I would play with her inside when she drove. We met Nitesh and Sweta in a bungalow which they had hired. In the evening we had a nice chat, watched TV and enjoyed good dinner.

We also had bought some hot movie DVDs which we kept in the hall especially of Swinger and group sex category.

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