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Have a respectful and honest conversation with your mate in which you both outline every debt.

Discuss not just the amount of each loan, but the terms, any plan you’ve made for its repayment, and the progress you’ve made.

“If married, [you should] budget together, even if you don’t physically merge bank accounts.

Once you’re married, treat the debt as ‘our debt’ and put a plan together to pay it off, regardless of whose debt it is.” To find the funds to help you and your partner pay off the debt, comb through your spending.

“You can’t fix a problem if it’s not accurately defined,” says College Station, Texas-based financial planner William Grantham.

Then, together, create a net worth statement: List your incomes and other assets as well as debts and other obligations.

Marriage is the inflection point, says Brian Wright, a planner in Fishers, Ind.

Many people recommend starting with the highest-rate card, to reduce the total interest paid.The CFPB says borrowers have complained about lenders applying extra payments toward next month’s bill instead.To avoid this confusion, the CFPB suggests sending a letter to the lender explaining how your extra payments should be credited. Consider Life Insurance If you and your partner have taken on debt together, such as a mortgage or an auto loan, and you think your mate would have trouble covering those bills without your income, “protect yourselves from financial disaster by purchasing enough life insurance to cover at least the amount of your debts.Keep in mind that if you opt for income-based repayment, and you marry, filing a joint tax return could have a big impact on your monthly burden, as the loan servicer will consider both incomes when calculating payments.If you’re a graduate with a steady job, good credit and enough income to pay down your loans, you can find much lower interest rates with private consolidation loans, but the amount you can save is generally not worth giving up federal consumer protections and possible debt forgiveness.

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As a generation overburdened with debt, millennials are also very forgiving of their debt-laden peers.

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