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Since putting on three stone for his role as a CIA agent in the 2005 espionage thriller Syriana,he has embarked on a major diet Once hereached his old weight (10st 3lb), it seems hedecided to keep going.He appears to be thinnerthan ever — and shows no signs of stopping.Looking at his romantic history, onewonders if there is something of a crisisgoing on.He has been single sincehe split from former British model Lisa Snowdon in 2005 — and eventhat was a long-distance relationship,where the topic of living together, letalone getting married, was entirely offlimits.And the physicalseparation was just a constantpain and strain, too."Since then he has been spotted with Jenny Aguero, a model and mother-of-two who was in the backgroundduring this year's Cannes Film Festival.

Liposuction does not leavesuch an enormous mark, either. Certainly, his crows' feet appeared lesspronounced and the fat pockets underhis eyes and drooping lids had also disappeared— as would be the case if hehad gone for a blepharoplasty (eyelidsurgery).There was a further romancewith a waitress in Montreal. Clooney claims the early experienceof his brief, failed marriage to actress Talia Balsam put him off matrimonialcommitment for life and it's no surprisethat the internet is alive withgossip about his sexual preferences.On the web, he is described as'queer as a deer', with one writerexhorting: "Come out of the closet, George, and get some fresh air!And the whispers are not quietedby the continual presence of Waldo Sanchez, a handsome and charminghairdresser who often accompanies George on his world travels.They met in the mid-1990s, when Clooney was just becoming famous as Dr Doug Ross on ER.

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It seemslikely that this is just a crease in his skin— and the result of his dramatic slimmingdown. But his publicist, Stan Rosenfield,insists that the Oscar-winning actor wasjust kidding when he confessed — andtold the Mail this week: "George has hadno surgery of any kind."Clooney does, though, look rather lesstired than he used to.

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