Updating a pivot table using vba

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To compare the first six months of each year, you can use a Label Filter on the month number field.

Next, you’d like to see the months with the highest costs, so you apply a Top 10 filter on the same field.

In Excel 2007, when you create a second pivot table from the same source data, you don’t get an option to base the new pivot table on an existing pivot table, the way you can in Excel 2003.You’re limited to one of each filter type per pivot field, and in the pivot table shown below, the month number field now has a Manual filter, Label filter and Value filter.To see the steps for using multiple filters on the same pivot field, please watch this short Excel video tutorial.To use more than one filter per field, you can change one of the Pivot Table options.Now you can apply both a Label filter and a Value filter to the Month number field, and both will be retained.

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To use different grouping in each pivot table, you’ll need to create a separate pivot cache for each pivot table.

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