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The pensioners met every Monday night to enjoy a game of bingo but the local authority was forced to act after realising they were breaking the Private Gaming Law.

Residents from the Harry Taylor House sheltered housing complex, in Redditch, Worcestershire, have been told that they can still continue to play but without the money on the table.

“Danielle wanted more and told everyone, but Jack didn’t realise, and when he did he told her that they couldn’t continue.

Are you among the singles over 60 who feel that you may not fit into today's dating scene?

The first, ‘Classic’ bingo wings, are often seen on women who lack tone in their upper arms.But did you know that these days more and more mature people are joining online dating sites?Here at, there are tons of people dating over 60 who are hoping that they will get to meet their special someone.In these gatherings, people are in good moods, and others are often there to meet other people as well.Keep in mind that even though you're in your sixties, there is still plenty of fun ready to be had by connecting with others, and you're never too old to make new friends!

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Danielle Sellers is a glamour model from Bexhill in East Sussex.

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