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Aware that travel at government expense and mailing privileges–perquisites that would allow him to promote his ideas throughout the colonies–came with the office of postmaster general of the colonies, Franklin vigorously pursued the appointment.His efforts were rewarded in 1753 when he and William Hunter of Virginia were named co-deputy postmasters general for the Crown.

Barry as the first postmaster general with cabinet rank.

The system worked reasonably well, with weekly mail service among several cities from New Castle, Delaware, to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, but it was not a profitable venture.

Letters carried “outside the mails” provided competition that reduced the system’s revenues.

Soon after, William Goddard established an alternative post office, controlled by committees in the various colonies.

Goddard’s “Constitutional Post” served the colonists’ needs until July 1775, when the Second Continental Congress took control of the postal system and named the experienced Franklin postmaster general.

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