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Top ten dating site

(I’m not even going to count you silent sexers- you’re probably the same ones that like mute partners, and that disturbs me to no end…necros.) Once you’re in the musical fornication set, you’re divided into one of a few subsets.You could set any Bond movie sex scene to this album. Booming drums, heavy, creeping bass lines, silky vocals. I wouldn’t cue this up for a one night stand, as it might freak out your new partner- this is for hardcore porno plays.Best tracks: Mad About You, Jackie Cane, Everytime We Live…, (just download the whole thing) This is strictly for the morning after. Really, if you want to create the perfect mood, this is for sunrise sex in a desert as the sun starts peeking over the horizon. Some soft light from the window really does the trick.

After basically creating this brand of trip hop with her outfit One Dove, Dot set off on her own quest to facilitate the propagation of our species through music. It vacillates between sensitive passages (Teardrop) and straight-up hard fucking (Inertia Creeps).In other words, if you aren’t in love with your love-making partner, stay far away from this polyphonic bildungsroman.Our favorite Icelandic quartet compose some of their most beautiful stuff here. If it’s cold and snowy and you’re lying by the fire in the ski chalet on your polar bear rug, pop this guy in and end the night getting engaged (or at the very least, preggers).Its no surprise that books, films and songs all follow the same build-up/climax/epilogue pattern as male or female orgasms.The steady climb and steady fall, the vertical leap and precipitous drop: kind of sounds like the difference between Wilson Phillips and Nine Inch Nails. The world is divided into those who swear by sex with soundtracks, and those who are somehow indifferent.

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Once the Massive Attacks and Portisheads were washed away with the millenial mess of music, people were shagging to Matchbox 20 and Creed, and it might as well have been the end of the world.

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