Adult rp chatbots

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Adult rp chatbots

Windows desktop app which accepts typed sentences and responds with typed and spoken replies; remembers information about you (even between sessions) and is able to have on-going conversations in context.Get Abby is changing the way people communicate with technology and each other.

It was written as an entry in the 1998 Loebner Competition, where it won third place out of six entries.You can use it, fo example on FAQ pages with a large amount of questions/answers.Chat Bot stores all data in single csv file (no database needed) and has easy questions/answers admin interface.Get Abby doesn't just solve a problem, we study it, analyze the data and revolutionize your communication process. Most existing chatbots use a database of files written in the AIML language.Abby's mission is becoming the world's number one solution for connecting people with technology, conversationally. I was bored in high school, so I created little things like this chatbot, which I quaintly named Adam. The plain-text database files give the chabot its' personality.

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ECTOR is an acronym standing for the French Entité Cybernétique Totalement Obligée de Réfléchir (Cybernetic entity totally compelled to think).